Resourceful Community Scrapstore

RESOURCEFUL COMMUNITY SCRAPSTORE C.I.C. is starting from Monday 3rd June 2024 and will be open at the following times for members to visit and be inspired!

Opening Hours:
Starting from Monday 3rd June 2024,
Monday Afternoon 2pm-5pm
Friday Morning 10am-1pm
Second Saturday of the Month 10am-2pm
There will also be evening sessions, to be arranged.

Please check their Facebook page for any updates to these times, especially if you are travelling from a distance to visit us – unexpected circumstances may force us to change or cancel a session at short notice.

So what is a Scrapstore? They exist all over the country and are much-loved by those who use them. Best described as an Aladdin’s Cave of art and craft materials, they generate ideas and prevent waste.

How does it work? Local businesses and individuals donate items, diverting them from landfill. Scrapstore members pay a small annual fee for unlimited visits. On each visit you can load up your basket with materials for craft projects, art pieces or educational activities for a flat fee – considerably cheaper than the shops. But it’s not just about saving money – it’s about being inspired by the ever changing range of items on display. It’s about supporting a circular economy where we think about using (and reusing) resources carefully instead of discarding things that still have potential.

How can I help? We’re gathering donations now and we’re looking for a good range of different types of materials, not just arts and crafts stuff (although that is welcome of course.) Please get in touch if you’re having a clear-out and want to find a good home for your discarded items.

What can I donate? We’ll share some ideas over the next couple of weeks for regular types of donations we’ll take but we’re open to all kinds of randomness! We would particularly love to hear from any businesses who generate waste as part of their processes which we could add into our stock, eg odd shapes of plastic, offcuts of fabric, lengths of ribbon – if you’re not sure whether it might be useful, get in touch and we’ll take a look! Email: [email protected]